How to add a Contact Form to Slider Revolution

How to add a Contact Form to Slider Revolution

Step 1: Create a form
·       Create a new form or edit an existing one.

·      Once your form is ready copy the form shortcode and proceed to the Slider Revolution plugin

·      Your shortcode should look something like this:

o   [form id=”1” title= “contact us form”]

Step 2: Create a slider

·       Create a new slider or use an existing one.

·       In the slide editor > main background tab, select the Main/Background Image radio button (should be default on a new slide) and then the change image button. Upload a background image for your slider.

·       Once you have a background image, scroll down to the slider editor preview area. Select the blue add layer button and select Text/Html. This is where you place the contact form shortcode.

·       Now this is a little tricky because you will not see your form in the preview to position it. Save your slider and copy the shortcode.

·       Create a new page and place in your slider shortcode and hit publish or preview changes. You should now see your form sitting nicely on top of your slider. Adjust the position as necessary and test the form.

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