Learning WordPress

Learning WordPress

The WordPress codex provides documentation for those just beginning with WordPress and for expert users alike. 

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    • Reset WordPress Password

      Source: https://codex.wordpress.org/Resetting_Your_Password In WordPress, there is more than one way to set your password. In normal circumstances, you can do it through the WordPress interface. If you forget your password, WordPress has a built in ...
    • How to login to your WordPress site.

      Step 1: Enter in your site’s domain name into your browser URL bar and add /wp-admin or /login at the end: Example: It should look something like this: https://www.example.com/wp-admin Step 2: Once you are at your log-in screen, enter your assigned ...
    • How to Duplicate Portfolio Item

      Step 1 : Install Duplicate Post plugin. https://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicate-post/ Step 2: Go to Settings Step 3: Click on the permissions tab. Step 4: Then under "Enable for these post types" check the portfolio box.